Gompa has been established on the 22nd of June, 1990 in Plzeň (West Bohemia, former Czechoslovakia, now Czech Republic) by a natural person. The subject of its enterprise were advisory services in the field of the new-born private enterprise and real estates.In the course of the years 1991-1992 the company business activities expanded in the field of grocery. Since 1992 the company has been engaged in consultancy in the sphere of economics, accounting, management, accounting routine work and registration, and guidance in the field of taxes and associated economics. Gompa profits from its experience which had reaped when it participated in preparatory work dealing with the tax regulations in 1992, and from its experience obtained in solving problems of business daily routine work of a great number of middle-sized companies in the Czechoslovak Federal Republic, now in Czech Republic. In 1994 Gompa changed its legal status, now it is a corporation sole with limited partnership (s.r.o./Ltd.). In 1998 Gompa raised its registered capital to 2 million CZK.In 2000 the sole partner sold a part of his share (5 %) to the company TENZING, Inc. Now it has two legal representatives. The concept of its partnership agreement indemnifies the company from damage caused by demise or extinction of the rights of succession of partners to the company shares. This concept guarantees long-standing existence of the company.

At the present time Gompa grants its services to about hundred companies and to several small-scale traders. Two thirds of these firms has been established by foreign nationals. These firms are to a huge extent given so called complex financial service which means the accounting management so that the client has the results of his economic activities available once a month at least, and the accounting is periodically supervised and consulted with the tax specialists of the firm. The client is further informed in advance about terms and other financial liabilities which are subject to the law and which the client is liable to. Every client is assigned an accountant of his own who is obliged to be au fait with the client's activities, his business volume, time schedule of these activities, and with the client's financial circumstances and other information which is essential for correct data processing in the field of general and tax accounting. Gompa considers this information to be a trade secret and this information is dealt as such. Ourtcomes of our efforts are modified according to the requests and requirements of the client. Our patronage includes, but not limited to, trade agencies of some foreign companies. In addition Gompa periodically verifies the accounting for correctness, via its external collaborators provides audit, eventually particular legal services including, but not limited to, a company foundation.

Gompa is in good terms with Ministry of Finance ČR and Supreme Audit Office ČR. Currently Gompa has good relations with the Revenue Offices in Prague and has a good reputation in all the institutions mentioned above.

Since 2002 owns the international certificate.