We offer

1. comprehensive general accounting services

  • elaboration and examination of documents regarding legal claims in formal control
  • book-keeping vouchers in compliance with the Revenue Act
  • tax certificates in accordance with tax legislation
  • check of the formal accuracy of documents
  • profit and loss reports
  • balance sheets
  • turnover trial balances
  • cash flows


In our opinion the general accounting services do not involve primarily an issue of book-keeping vouchers, their proof-reading and corrections, contacts with business partners of clients, contacts with banks, tax routine work, audit, guidance or legal advisory guidance and respective recommendations. In addition the general accounting services do not involve the elaboration of source materials for banks in relation to credits or credit requisitions, economic analyses and financial planning, and activities like that. In the same way we do not consider corrections and completion of accounting records based on delayed documents or when they possibly have been issued incorrectly or when they are incomplete to be a part of general accounting.

These are built in ASSISTANCE SERVICES.


2. comprehensive payroll accounting services


  • pay settlements based on underlying data delivered by the client
  • calculation of payments conduct of earning records and personal files
  • health medical insurance registration
  • social security registration
  • statements for insurance companies
  • statements for Revenue Office
  • annual tax clearing, if required


3. accounting supervision and internal audit, so-called "Supervize"


  • periodic checks of accounting consistency
  • recommendations and corrections
  • checking of reports, if required by the client
  • preparation of income tax return source materials


4. tax calculations and operations


  • conduct of VAT registration and tax return
  • natural person income tax return and/or legal entity income tax return
  • real estate tax
  • road tax

In this service area we can also include services such as dealings relating to the taxation with relevant authorities.
In the same way the elaboration of corrections requested by the term alterations as a result of the incomplete or delayed delivery of documents can be considered to be a part of the services described in this paragraph.

5. assistance services


  • assistence services are provided when ordered by the client
  • all dealings with relevant public service and self-administration offices are considered to be a part of the assistance services as well
  • elaboration of source materials for credits
  • financial analysis
  • financial planning periodic reports on economic results for banks, commercial partners, leasing companies, or activities like that if any
  • legal security of economic outputs such as annual reports, certificates of incorporation, preparatory work for company general meetings etc.
  • corrections or recreating of documents mentioned above in the paragraphs 1-3 in case that this data is inconsistent or delayed